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The story of two Laddie

The story of two Laddie The story of two Laddie by: Robert J. McLardie Bob McLardie has more than thirty years, with many horses and their owners to repair the relations, fears calm, nourish and protect, in particular, the owner of a new understanding of their horses. He leads the "coerstone approach - a Revolution in Horsemanship". The story of two Laddie is a story about the challenges and obstacles that every person and creature in the whole of life and the life. The two Laddie in my life made me a better understanding and depth of the words "never give up." As a horse trainer, coach and blacksmith, I have the opportunity to do a lot of people and horses. Laddie while I was on a po 'of Arabic to a 450-acre ranch in northe BC It' been another horse on the ranch named Laddie. He was a 10-year-old Appaloosa gelding and he was running wild for 8 years the ranch. Apparently, a 2-year-old Laddie is that someone has had a definite object, but managed to pull Laddie and drag the object. The result has been broken and Laddie bracket low. For the next 8 years Laddie had no human contact, no holds, no hooves trimmed, unlimited supply of livestock to pasture and unlimited, which is not hard. I leaed later that Laddie was in a log-Corral, and while trying to catch Laddie that he had, and took his place on top of the protocol, and that broke. Laddie was able to encrypt the minutes and was free again. I asked the owner if I could be the challenge of repairing Laddie not walk as well as the training which he led, with the goal of saving his life and the search for him a new home. Laddie was so ill that he had time to lie down and eat alone in a circle to eat the grass, where he worked with. I was surprised that has not attacked and killed by a pack of wolves, known to travel and take the calves from this company. An agreement was signed between the owner and I for me to arrive on a Sunday afteoon Laddie. I thought that the owner would have him in a fenced area or wait Corral us. When my son and I arrived, it was welding some farm equipment and I asked him if he was Laddie, stressed the great blows with those who are on the rise on the distant hills. Although disappointed, I thought that Fang Laddie not a big challenge, who told me that my son does not take long! After all Laddie had sore feet. We use a halter and lead rope in hand. Laddie was unknown to me in depth knowledge of these 450 hectares, and its desire not to be caught! Laddie knew every coer, every cow path in the bush and grassland, and every opportunity to evade capture. He was behind groups of cows and calves and so we have a narrow dispersion of its cows. He would be in small groves of trees, traps, brush and more. Laddie seemed like an elk, he was conveniently in the desert. It was difficult to imagine that, with his feet in such poor condition that he continue to go. After 2? Hours we are near the house and nearby, so I went to talk to the owner. We had Laddie in a smaller area. The cows were used for the coming of grain so we have the wheat and cows, 2000 pounds for the name Harcourt Bull, 2 large sows and 2 goats heading for livestock. Cam and I were part of the escort and the Corral was full. The owner controls the door as the last of the animals went in. We poured the grain on the ground, allowing the animals, and we began the process of cutting, the cows and calves. E 'was easier to go and Pat's 2000 lbs Bull, Harcourt on the head when he was there, close to Laddie. Laddie is very tense and agitated and had fear written all over his face. Our idea was to ensure the cows, calves, pigs and goats to keep calm and collect things Laddie. We have most of the cows and calves, then Harcourt, pigs and goats. There were few left Hereford and Laddie. When you try to Laddie held until he again tried to log Corral, but with effort and pain, hindered his attempt to flee. This was our chance! With a bucket of grain Laddie for the head of my son. This gave me a chance being Laddie shoulder, so I could ride height and his neck and a halter on. Cam and I breathed a sigh of relief, which was the first time in 8 years has had a halter on! With the lead shank and the holder, I moved him around in the cattle for a couple of minutes. What was surprising was that, after all the hours following behind him, now only accepts Laddie keeper and the guide rod and started to like me. You are now one and a half miles on foot Laddie to my training system. The way I go home, I have received from the operation of an old local cowboy, John. Used for horses in his father. He sat on his porch and was walking after me the way to him. He was an old friend of the owner and Laddie in cattle was for the first time that had broken free Laddie. John could not help, he came to the road for me. He asked me to wonder, when the old and Laddie as on earth to die, I catch. Without great detail, told me that takes hours of walking. Laddie John looked at his feet, and recognizing what is not evil, I said that I am not able to repair them, and what I wanted to do with the horse, anyway? I told him that I am quite confident that correct his feet and that the train and ride him. John looked at me and said: "They never do. Laddie is too old, you can not teach an old dog new tricks! You are crazy! "I said," Just me, a hive a few months and you can enter with the owner and coffee, while I ride Laddie. "When I was at home Laddie, I bathed with a garden hose and clean the dirt and sweat from his body. It seemed really to enjoy the bathroom and drank water directly from the end of the pipe. We measured and photographed her feet at this time. Her feet were about 6? "(should be around 3?") and the dimensions of the plates. They were released and very bulky. It was remarkable that his legs and tendons had been able, with all the abuse all those years not circumcised. He is a remarkable example of the will to survive! I him in a deep bed of shavings in the ba. This was another first for the old gelding. After 3 days of rest, I took him to 60 foot round pen trim his feet. All four feet and have not been extensive abscesses and large quantities of fabric to. The toes on all four feet square, and large amounts of rockets have been removed. As much as possible 'heel has been in all four paws. These are the support for the cutting of a horse and a greater comfort to eliminate the tension by tendons. It also allows the horse to walk on foot with minimal stress. (It took a year of diet and trimming a foot on his form and normal.) Even if I am with heart bar shoes, it was decided that I am still at his feet and cut to work in the soft ground round pen. After several days of rest in the ba, which has retued to the round pen to teach the basics. Without brakes, it was in the saddle and on that day and Bridled taught to go to the left and right, walk on, trot and canter. Laddie was very soft kind eye. He was so full of goodness and his try showed that, as has always been 100% what I asked to try. Laddie was about 200 pounds. Overweight, so I decided on a diet of hay last year and continue with a gradual program of air conditioning in the round pen. After 8 weeks, continued to lose weight and has been trimmed a second time. His training has been affected and now that allows me to drive him in 70 x 120 m outdoor riding ring. I was pleased with the progress. He felt himself firmly in the saddle. Corresponding with the arrival of Laddie, the second small Laddie in my life. His name is Joshua and it was a 4-year - old autistic boy. (Autism is a disorder that causes delays in social and emotional development, language and behavioral difficulties.) He has visited the farm often referred as the care and training of Laddie continued. Joshua loved to be outside of the yard and a safe and a new framework for Josh to be explored. I was able to establish a relationship with Josh very fast and was willing to accept instructions from me. Although many people had great difficulty communicating with him could have a special bond with him immediately. Joshua works on the upper end of the autistic spectrum and had some verbal skills and was able to understand the instructions that appear briefly when it time to get the information. Joshua has always been everything that was said in the literal sense. Josh loved the horses of the farm, but he seems to show particular preference Laddie. Every time I was working with Josh Laddie wanted to help. Often he brings his favorite toy, a Star Wars Light Saber riding ring running around waving their Laddie had his work bye escape from Josh. Laddie with a financial year with the hall was to teach Laddie stop and then come to me and to me, him, giving a hand signal. Josh noted that this process. Josh loved to whip Lunge line up and down like a big green snake towards Laddie not maintain eye contact with the great gelding. (People with autism have problems in your eyes.) Conceed that Josh needs to know where the horse I was screaming "Josh Keep your eyes on the horse!" Josh still scream "Waddie Whoa!" Whip the room line and look on the floor. On closer observation I noticed that it would be to look through the horse's head slightly elevated and in fact had one eye open and one eye closed. He had an eye on the horse! Josh could not be said Laddie, called him Waddie. He was very confident, worked in round pen and arena. We could bring him and give him instructions to go and whoa. Out their relationship to the level where Josh was standing next to him on the left side, Josh would say, "Who Waddie" and raise his right arm and the great horse. Then Josh would lean his upper body and the point below the right arm and say "go Waddie." Laddie went on. This is a unique example of that connection is possible between a man and a horse. School was especially trying, Joshua. He requires constant supervision and had not yet leaed the skills necessary to communicate with him. One day the school called his mother to tell her that was supposed to Josh from school, because you do not want to take him on a trip. Josh's mother could not believe that all their education and knowledge that they refuse to try and get Josh the trip with his class. Joshua was also troubled because his mother took him to the farm as a special jouey. Joshua then asked if he could drive Laddie. "Bob, Bob, I want Waddie broad, pre, pre!" I have the great gelding saddle and Joshua have agreed on the horse without fear. I led the company as whole Giosuè Laddie and in the right direction, go left, cross the bridge, go here, go there, whoa, walk on. Shortly before the end of the crash through brush and went with an old river bed. As we closer to the ba, Joshua could see his mother. He shouted at the top of his lungs, "I won! I won! "His mother and I looked at each other in amazement. You can come from this? If I have helped the horse by Joshua said to me "Thanks for the beautiful wide horse!" We were both up with tears. A day that began with the frustration and despair was over in enthusiasm and success! In retrospect, this horse and this guy has had many challenges and obstacles to overcome, but each in his unique way of doing their best and everything. We could not have asked for more. I know that my role is that of teachers and trainers, but I know that I have leaed so much from Joshua Laddie and challenges on which life and the obstacles that may appear in our streets, starting a new life and the past where it belongs, in the past. Live in the moment and live in hope of a future development time. I thank them both. P.s. The Laddie winter on a strict diet. He continued to do well in spring and a little girl and her mother came and took Laddie for his new home. ? 2000 Robert J. McLardie You can contact Robert through the following: Phone: 1-250-413-3152 E-mail: URL:

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