Friday, September 25, 2009

Tips for photographing your trophy fish

Tips for photographing your trophy fish When it comes to catch and release lakes, it is important that you be prepared to get your fish, a prize-winning shot and release your giant back into the water for others to enjoy. Before you are the trophy trout fishing trip with your fishing partner or guide, consider these suggestions. Bring a good, reliable camera. No matter if it is digital or 35 mm, but make sure it has a function of auto focus. Most casual photographers do not need the pressure to adjust the settings so that an automatic camera is a good choice. In addition, for safety reasons, it is not bad when the camera is waterproof! With the catch and release fishing, the ultimate goal is the retu of fish in the water quickly and gently. Touch the fish as little as possible and never the gills. Because you have so little time, be sure the person that the image is ready to go. This means that the film in the camera, the CAP is the goal, and the photographer holding the camera up to eye ready to shoot, as you land that trophy! If you are in a boat, can sometimes be difficult, but try the camera with the horizon of the sea. It can be distracting if the horizon in a strange angle. Keep the image as neatly as possible. The water, clear skies and the beauty of the tundra around Tukto Lodge are background enough! Do not forget the frame. Go and make sure that all the elements - the theme of the head and torso and the full trophy trout. If the inclusion of a vertical photograph try to center the object, but if you are photographing in a horizontal way, it is possible for your subject slightly to one side, but only if the whole fish, as well. (Make sure that the photo in thirds, and the subject on one of the "third line"), natural light provides the best picture, and because the light is stronger in the middle of the day, it's better, the images of the moing late afteoon or the light. This type of light gives photos richer colors and baths the photo in warm light. Do not take a picture with the theme to the sun and the photographer on Sunday. This will result in washed out sky and under a dark shadow that no one can see. Tu on the topic in the sun or to the side of the sun. Ask them about the sunglasses to reduce glare. If you wear a hat, which should remove or tilt the head so that there is no shadow on the face. The Tukto Lodge, we know you are going to take a lot of trophies - we want the way you look at the big picture! The author Tutko Lodge is a world-class trophy fishing in the Canadian Arctic destination. Our fishing camps and outposts offer the best trophy trout and grayling measures. In a haven for animals, our guests are also able to photograph migrating caribou, Bald Eagle, Ptarmigan, peregrine falcons, muskox, white wolves, arctic hare and the dry land Grizzly.

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