Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Rubicon Trail a formidable challenge for any Off Road Enthusiast

The Rubicon Trail a formidable challenge for any Off Road Enthusiast The Rubicon is a way for the weak of heart or for those who are afraid of doing damage to your jeep. But if you plan to address this great jouey, you just put two things, your jeep, and the courage to tackle the 22 miles of the treacherous Rubicon Rubicon Georgetown trail.The route crosses the high mountains and Lake Tahoe. This is not a road that is located in two counties, El Dorado and Placer and runs at an altitude of 5400 to about 7000 feet.There the Rubicon trail is maintained by Georgetown to Wentworth Springs, but most people who choose to start their trip from Loon Lake which is about half of the tour. The latter will be 12 miles through the trees and granite that is common for people to choose this area.Most to run the route from west to east, where you have the possibility of two trail heads. The main route of soft wentwroth field allows you to browse through the entire 22 miles of the most popular trail.The in the Loon Lake trail crosses after about a mile from the ramp from Wentworth Springs through 12 of which miles.Regardless trail head you choose to begin the your jouey, you and your friends the experience to run the path of a life time.For more information on the Rubicon trail, visit   if you want to know how the Rubicon trail takes its name, the check-out   Neustedt life is a long way out of the jeeps and enthusiastic owners. He is the owner and master of the web

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