Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tips for road maintenance Bikes

Tips for road maintenance Bikes Function better than a dirty bike and a pleasure to work. Before you start any bike maintenance, you should clean your bike, you? T stands for a while 'to wipe with a cloth, it is necessary to clean and there are some things you must do the work, you may need to purchase some equipment, but most of them can be found around house, try under the sink, but n? your wife / mother catch. Firstly what you need equipment? A bicycle workstand or handy tree / clothesline to hang your bike. ? Former rear hub or old or stick. ? Degreaser or gas oil (diesel attention is not good for the hands). ? Hot water. ? Washing liquid. ? 2 buckets (1 and 1 with soap and clean water). ? Brush. ? Old bottle of water. ? Bottlebrush. ? Soft brush. ? 2 sponges. ? Rags. ? Oil. ? And, finally, that extra shinny, spray polish. The most important thing to remember when cleaning your bike is to keep your eyes open and looking for something that needs to May, laying down a second time, this is like an engineer of a team of professionals in the fact, but it could be 10 to operate a bicycle, is it? much easier with his one. The starting point with the wheels, cut the top of the old water bottle and put a little 'of degreaser, you can use a spray degreaser, but you lose most of it. With the brush in degreasing tools to work, taking care not to get too bearings. Then, with hot water and liquid detergent to clean the brush gear, then wipe the rims clean residue of the old lock braking, you can use a little 'of degreaser to help, but n? T get the tires. Clean the brush with soft rubber washing brush, at this moment, watching the tires for a reduction of the tread that could result in perforation and inspect the tires for damage or wear thin. With a sponge and soap, wash the spokes and then rinse with clean water and set aside to dry, not in direct sunlight. Now the rest of the bike to put your bike in bike workstand or other practice, you can hang on. Enter the old hub / axle / paste on the back of the chassis so that the chain can count on him, then with the brush and the old water bottle with degreaser to clean the chain, the front and rear derailleur, chain rings and cranks, brakes and metal parts than any other, I try not to do so on the saddle, handlebar tape and do? t too much on the headphones and crank bearings. Use the cleaning and degreasing brush in the pipe, like you? You'll find all the spin the bottle is very sticky and a degreaser, it should pass. Now, take the bottlebrush or a sponge and a bucket of soapy water and clean under the seat, under the bottom bracket, like the brakes and the fork, use the brush to move the stubbo dirt, then take the soapy sponge and remove any dirt degreasing and relax. Then with a clean soapy sponge clean all parts of the bike, start with the handlebars and the saddle and work your way to ensure that the bike bike is sparkling clean, then rinse with clean water. Remember to keep your eyes open for things like wo brake shoes, pads gritty, tight, or cable or cracks or damage to the facility, if everything is OK put the wheels back in. look for things, while you clean your bike? Wo brake shoes. ? Board or damaged walls. ? Damaged or cut tires. ? Damaged chain. ? Damaged or bent handlebar and stem. ? Twisted or damaged saddle. ? To or wo handlebar tape. ? Damaged or wo plates and gears. ? Damaged or wo chain. ? Damage to the cranks or pedals. ? State or gear and brake cables. ? The damage to the frame tubes. ? Loose or broken spokes. ? Condition of brake calipers. ? All bearings must operate seamlessly. So, the bike is clean and dry with a clean cloth and if you really want to shine, to polish spray, but n? T obtain braking on the surface or whether it will be able to stop the first time you go out. Next you have the chain of oil and all the moving parts, brake pivot bolts, derailleur front and rear springs and the pedal pivots on the brake lever, remove any spilled oil, control the hardware and the brakes work well, the pneumatic pump and go on your bike and sparkling. Oh! And remember to bring all this under the sink before you go by bicycle or she? Ll make your own meal if you arrive home.

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