Monday, September 28, 2009

Titan 101, there is a difference

Titan 101, there is a difference Titan, the world of golf by storm. The producers of some of World's Top Golf club heads have to use titanium as the main meeting in the Space Age, state-of-the-art components. But why? There are many materials, such as strong if not stronger than titanium. Because titanium is the material of choice? Titan is not just one? More difficult? Metals known to man, but unlike those of other hard materials, titanium is extremely lightweight. Because of these characteristics of weight, production advances have allowed the club head designer to build an increasing number of pilots and size not inhibited by the club head weight. Three different types of titanium are used in the manufacture of today? Club Heads s: 9-6Al-4V, 15-3-3-3 and SP700. There are 3 functions that are used to improve the quality of each type of titanium. Tensile strength is the material? S resistance against breakage or cracking. The higher the value is more stable, the club is in charge of cracking. Strain is the percentage of each type of titanium or spring flex impact. The higher the percentage, the more the spring of each metal experience. Hardness HRC is pretty self-explanatory and shows the values of the hardness of metals. The higher the number, the lower the probability that the metal teeth or warp in use. In assessing the different types of titanium and the number to do so clearly, is the separation between 9-6Al-4V and 15-3-3-3 / SP700. A golfer should avoid the purchase and use of 9-6Al-4V, as the minimum cost (typically $ 20 to $ 40) is not responsible for the worst characteristics. As you may suspect, a club head with a 9-6Al-4V is much more likely to crack or teeth from further use. Moreover, the percentage of elongation is almost as tall as the others, then, a player would not have potential benefits in terms of distance / Yardage him / her with any of the other Titan? P. Titan? S 15-3-3-3 and SP700 offer tradeoffs when you consider that perhaps better to look for when choosing your next purchase. 15-3-3-3 has the highest tensile strength of 2, but a small percentage of elongation. Meanwhile SP700 have a considerable tensile strength, but a few percentage points in the category of elongation. How does that translate? SP700, which ones? elongation higher figure, it can spread over the spring and then the impact on providing more energy to make the golf ball distance. So what are the trade-off? S? In a few words? Dollars for the distance. Although this number varies, the SP700 titanium is usually a little 'more expensive than the 15-3-3-3, usually around $ 20 - $ 40 This amount is often minimized by SP700 necessarily before the head of the driver. Even higher? S club head speed, more benefits could be achieved, produced by the impact of increased SP700 spring. Golfers with lower swing speeds can not believe significant Yardage useful when comparing the two and, therefore, may not want to pay this premium. Surely, however, is difficult to get it right, and with titanium as these incredible features, like major improvements over stainless Visit (where we'll be happy to answer any questions you might have on club heads, titanium, golf, etc. We have a wealth of knowledge from more than 20 years of experience in the development and construction of golf courses. We specialize in only the highest quality tours and golf equipment with only the best materials. Lower levels of titanium is can not be tolerated from us. You can visit our website to lea more about our club selection and how the selection of the club can dramatically improve your golf game. The Author Tom Erwin is president and cofounder of (a passionate golf club and artisan of 20 + years, and the staff are closely focused on improving the golf game by the score of each technology and properly fit golf clubs. tom.erwin @

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