Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Time for Brown to break Pistons

Time for Brown to break Pistons   This report has all the plotlines of a soap opera or Jerry Springer show, depending on your taste. You Casanova (Brown), with all the chicks (NBA and NCAA Basketball team). He falls in a couple of years ago with the last fling (the pistons). It seems that he? S just ready to engage in a life of monogamy, and the young hottie in Daisy Dukes (Lebron? CAVS s) start their flirtatious ways. But after that couple not-being? T fruits come, the legendary Broadway star (the Knicks) is just waiting behind the scenes of Larry Casanova on the rebound basketball. Ok, enough with the drama. But all this Larry and pistons saga almost get this stupid. Larry wants the team? wait for him? during his treatment for bladder problems. One day, this is a crisis, the next day, it? s not. If he is not his strength, Larry is annoyed that the team can not be? t? estimate? him. And you might wonder why I think this is something you? d watch television in the afteoon, but not? mommas boy? and DNA - a test, please. It 'now time for both sides to break? others? on? good condition? based on? irreconcilable differences?. Larry Brown has Pistoni what he wanted, and the piston is the same for Brown. Detroit is on top of the world by winning the NBA championship? 04, and in almost repeat? 05. This team is free to staff to resign, young players like Darko Milocic to develop, and when this Pissing in public places continues, the window Dynasty in Detroit begins to close much faster than it should. It is a testament to the players and how they did during the playoffs, when Brown had one foot out the door. These two sides met yesterday and has reached no final conclusion that one could say. Thursday ', are back together. If Brown stays, they are the voices and notes from today until the day when he leaves. That's Larry Brown us? Re talking, it's always the way out the door. Today is the day this madness to an end. Larry goes on, is to address his health, or more likely to go coach the New York Knicks, and Detroit goes to Plan B, with the hiring of Flip Saunders, and it receives for the 2005-06 NBA season. But please bring your mind today, boys. Isiah Thomas is waiting impatiently for your decision.

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