Sunday, September 6, 2009

Unusual Baseball Statistics

Unusual Baseball Statistics   Statistics - I love? Em I was fascinated by the statistics, which gathered some of the major leagues. Viewing some players numbers has amazed me. My memories are these astonishing statistics Baseball. Here are some results I thought might interest you. Rogers Hosby From 1921 to 1925 he batted 2679 times - hit safely, and, on average, 1078, 402 over the last five years. Not too shabby> From 36 to 41 years - his last six years in the majors he batted total 350 times 105 times hit safely and went to 70 hits short of 3000 hits for his career. Perhaps you can be better planned. Lou Gehrig from 1930 to 1934, has traveled 813 runs at an average of 162 a year RBIs - enough, said the man was a race of machines that produce Ty Cobb in 1937 had RBIs in his career has never been more 12 home runs in a single year seven times He knocked in more than 100 tracks Runs Batted In this following statistics are based on a per game basis Here are some of the highest As you can see - not a player, on average, one run in each Lou Gehrig game, 921 Hank Green Castle, 915 Joe DiMaggio, 885 Jimmy Foxx, 859 Hey, where? S Babe? This RBIs are based on a club based here are some of the highest numbers of Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig 263, 249 Hank Greensburg, 249 I hope you like this unusual statistics. I randomly unusual statistics like these in the future. Aron Wallad founder of baseball? Pride and Joy S Sign inspiration for my newsletter baseball stories, based on a home run to your hearts content. - Cut and paste into your browser

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