Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thurman Munson are one character

Thurman Munson are one character My husband is a die-hard Yankee fan, has always been, probably always will be. I? But Yankees fans, even if the responsibility of parents, the time you can get straight games. When I met my husband, I was in great Yankees, currently almost every game. In the first part of our relationship, he worked long hours, often missing the television Yankee games. It 'been years before Al Gore invented the Inteet, so the only way to live updates on the game was for me. It was a good bet that I just play. He was that I was able in this part of his life, but he always seemed skeptical, looking for a sign that I really, really one day fan.One Yankees happened, we were just a Yankees game on TV. Suddenly the face of Thurman Munson, the famous Yankee catcher on the screen. Thurman died in a tragic plane crash years before we met. My husband, my friend, at the time, asked me quickly? Do you know who is that? The answer was simple, I knew who he was. I just answered? Thurman. I passed the exam. He looked at me, a smile spread widely across her face. I think he realized at that moment that I one.Thank Thurman Munson you, you can rest in peace.

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