Thursday, September 10, 2009

Video Blog A Mess Knicks Marbury and Brown disputes

Video Blog A Mess Knicks Marbury and Brown disputes Thus, the New York Knicks were the worst in the Nation Basketball Association. What's new? The only true thing is that Stephon Marbury has played? Larry Brown? basketball today. Well? Changes according to Stephon? Starbury. Starbury spoke recently saying that she let go the way he knows how to play. He believes that the path of a soon to be Hall of Fame head coach is not the right direction. I have a simple question of Starbury, you've already won? The only thing I remember Starbury? S? Win? day is that the use of floating struck against the Spurs in the playoffs. This is a great? Clutch? time, and probably his only major? Clutch? shot. Starbury has never won a playoff series, Larry Brown won a ring? He came to the point where Stephon Marbury has to go. I am not so far that trade at all, for his bad behavior and personality, but cancer is not a loss to the New York Knicks franchise. Once Stephon is out of the equation, and Larry Brown was waed to take his place, the Knicks finally started to bloom. There is no reason why a solid point guard couldn t feed Curry and Frye day.AJ Vaynerchuk Daily blog writing and sports video can be seen 15sports.

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