Thursday, December 3, 2009

Water Ski Racing Glossary

Water Ski Racing Glossary As in any sport, ski race of water has its own vocabulary of terms that are not anywhere else. This glossary will help you choose the best from the water-ski racing, if there is only moreUsing by out.Asking for a signal of the observer for the skier, the observer is that he wants to go faster.Back legThe Duration of course, the farther from the beach right after left.BeicoA high performance race boat manufactured Belgium.BindingsCustom rubber boots that seem screwed to the ski. The skier? The feet are firmly within the bindings.Blue flagThe Blue Flag is flown to inform the teams that have a cycle go.BouyAn orange / yellow inflatable marker that floats on water and definitions of various points of the track that the team follow water conditions are. ChopUsed to describe, which is not reassuring. The greater the chop, the more difficult it is for the skier to ski fast.ConnellyA high performance race boat manufactured Australia.CycloneA high performance race boat manufactured Britain.DCA very popular ski racing high-performance buildings Australia.Front legThe Duration of course, the beach closest to the left to right.InboardA with a boat motor in high performance race boat manufactured in boat.HallettA very popular USA.MahaA ski racing high-performance buildings in USA.MercA very commonly used engine. His full name is Mercury.ObserverThe member of the team, which sits on skiers. Among others, the observers in the communication between the driver and skier.OutboardA with a boat motor / engine, which at the rear of the fuselage and engine boat.OutfitThe (s) to complete boat.Patting the dogThe skier reaches its arm and hand with a movement similar to patting a dog on his head and pointed to the viewer that wants down.PropThis is slow? Elica? that the boat engine.SchiadaA high performance race boat manufactured in USA.Start These flags are the two flags, which means that the race will begin soon. The first flag drops after 4.5 minutes for the skier to fall into water. The second flag falls further after 30 seconds, indicating that the race is over underway.TwinA boat with two engines. In general, outboard engines, but in some rare cases on inboards.Waving variation? Request for more? The skier with his hand too literally? Wave to the top? Apply for the Observer for more speed.Waving downThe skier with his hand too literally? Tree down? a signal to observers that he wants to slow down .. WrappedThe unique technique ski racing, in which the end of the line of skiing is divided into two. With handles, these two pieces are pulled each side of the skier and the skier along behind? And again with one hand while the skier? S the other holds the line of skis, or with the third front of him / her. How Wrapped reduces the effort on the skier? S arms and back, by the skier? S legs.Web:

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