Saturday, December 5, 2009

The boat trailer in Europe

The boat trailer in Europe Boat insurance you should check with your insurance that covered the boat and trailer for any accidental damage or theft during transit to and from the event, while the boat is on board the ferry and also for sailing and racing, when you arrives. Noble Marine offer 30 days in Europe as standard on all policies and boat covers damage to the vessel in transit by road and by sea. Some races require a higher than normal limit of liability to be included in the sailing instructions. Please carefully check your policy and insurance company, long before his departure, if you require an extension of your policy. Travel Insurance When traveling abroad, you should always consider buying travel insurance, however, may not be aware that many standard travel policies exclude cover while racing. How many of our clients travel abroad to compete in a variety of foreign breeds, which have often been asked if we are able to recommend a travel policy to cover the races. Travel Insurance Noble Marine page will guide you to the website of the CNA Insurance Company Limited pages are designed for customers of Noble Marine, which provides the usual benefits of travel insurance, plus an optional extension of sailing a racing fan base. Link: / travelinsurance.php3

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