Saturday, December 26, 2009

The shape of a sexy snowboard

The shape of a sexy snowboard Everyone knows that an hourglass figure tus heads. Not many people know that the same figure is also behind the design of mode snowboards. While the hourglass figure on the snowboard does not tu heads as fast as a woman who helps to transform faster than any animal. The degree of cutting on one side and snowboarding has its impact on the performance hill. The side cut radius is the size of the circle, cut from the snowboard. For this in perspective, most skateboarding ramps have a radius of 9 'and professional, such as ramps on TV have a radius of 11'. As you can imagine, there is some curvature of the snowboard, but it is sufficient that the property is not always easy to recognize. If a person does the first cut they believe that it is a trick of the manufacturer to obtain the materials and costs for the production of snowboards. This can not be further from the truth. To understand side cuts you must understand why the map of the world is in pieces. A proportion of the property can not be a round object. For this reason, a snowboard with a curve, or side cut, you can quickly and aggressively to a snowboard, which is just in its length. The reason why this is true is because of the way that the snowboard is trying to bend and comfort to the surface that is when you drive. If your weight and snowboarding and the twist causes of FLEX snowboard curve. The key is the effective edge bite the area you are driving at the same time flexible enough to rotate so that they can move. A long straight does not like to deviate from its basic form, but a curved line will meld with the hill and yet flexible enough to bite into the surface, if necessary. When it comes time to purchase your snowboard you must use and how they react with the environment, is suspended. The proof of this fact, if we think of the surface - the surface on a snowboard. A small part cut radius means that more material was cut in half the snowboard. A great part-cut means that the cutting plate and thus more space. What is being done to cut the driver? Simple, more surface area means more pressure is distributed over a larger area, causing more potential energy and thus more speed by reducing friction. Basically, if you want fast, and reduce mobility, as a big part in your snowboard cut. However, if you have more control and sharp when you cut a small part in your snowboard. So many people snowboarding seems like a simple and simple past tense, which can be mastered in a very short time. If it is true that snowboarding can be leaed in a relatively short period of time There are many details that need attention for snowboarders to their full advantage. As you can tell from this even the smallest of details apparently can make a big difference.

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