Saturday, December 12, 2009

Penalty Box

Penalty Box Nowhere can an example of capitalist society has been damaged more perfectly than in this NHL labor dispute. This is essentially a battle between our times and the Mores, who are scratching and recovered more than half lap to another man for money. Because the ordinary man, we willingly pay our money for tickets, concessions and merchandise for our favorite sports teams, as a diversion from daily life. For Canadians, the national pastime, was held hostage for 2 groups. The owners are not saints. We were the city holding the bag trying to meet their requirements under the blackmail of their franchise moving elsewhere. Asking the public to $ 500 million financing, depreciation of the worst stages of used cars, just to ask more stages to 5 years, within 20 years. Constantly looking for market based on the volume of people over the love of the game, such as Quebec City and Winnipeg lost despite strong support from local franchises, while Phoenix and Nashville continue to languish in relative isolation. The owners do not care, because of a sharp division between the growth rates themselves. To choose a hand fan for owners is the collection of Lenin, Stalin, both systems were damaged and not for the benefit of the people. That said, the owners have the right to choose the structure that the best performance of the championship. Despite the fact that claims of losing money is a lie obvious to most of the teams out there, no one can truly say that the team of the NHL really rocket wages keep pace with the league in revenue. E 'fault of the owner. They are responsible. Be allowed to establish a system that allows for a level playing field. Take a look at baseball. Only 5 teams can compete against the quality of free agents, leaving a group of mediocrity for the rest of the league. The players know that sport is a competition, within and outside the track. Owners will try to offer players more than other teams, which increase the value of the rest of the league. Arbitration is such that not only the players can not lose money on an off-season, but other players may benefit from higher wages, if you can post better numbers. The players are struggling to maintain a lifestyle. They are accustomed to luxury cars and homes. They are fighting for the money, because they know that the so-called free market system, and can increase salaries, even with a 20% rollback. Hell, you can cut to half their salary if they want it half a day in 2 years, increasing far beyond this later. Nothing wrong with a salary cap. Have a more healthy competition teams increase fan base, if more teams a shot of one year. To increase the revenue with the league players will have to ensure that you can monitor and get a piece of material, the salary cap or not. In short, players lose money in the next two years, when finally sign an agreement. How long are going to continue to make money not before signing for less money? One thing is certain, most of the players that the average wage or less can not be happy with the direction of negotiations. Tie Domi Pierre McGuire recently attacked for having dared to say that a truly anonymous vote will result in 70% of the NHLPA to accept some form of coverage. Pierre decided that while a percentage is not used, remains a significant number. Confirms our source. 2004-05 season was lost, and if progress is not the next year, to examine some of the lowest rates of late to talk. Balance will have its hands full trying to keep their tactics of intimidation, as the numbers begin to grow. Final result: game misconduct NHLPA

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