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Gregory the Great 1995 1996 World Water Ski Racing Champion

Gregory the Great 1995 1996 World Water Ski Racing Champion Stephen Gregory? S persistence finally secured him the crown was stolen in 1993? The World Water Ski Racing Titles. Bo on December 22, 1966, 29 years, Italian always seemed destined to become a successful athlete at one point or another.Stefano grew up in Como, northe Italy with his family? Piero a brother and sister Adonella. Even if it was water skiing at 7, was already in many other talents sports.At 10 has its first success in competitive water skiing in slalom, tricks, jump, and ran barefoot! His jouey into the world title began when he decided to work for skiing racing.It was his coach, Augusto Luoni important that your style? Reminds of a wild bull plowing through the entire jouey. It 'was at home on white joueys. His heroes were the talented Italian Donato Trezzi and Great Britain? Own World former owner Steve Moore MBE. The Jolly Racing Club Lezzeno, where he was trained, and, finally, the Italian national team in recent years 1987.Over, Stefano Darren Kirkland and Great Britain have dominated ski racing in Europe. They have a common level of quality, in comparison to the UK? Danny S BERTELS. Has several national and European titles under his belt that can be seen on 2 hands. Not only a world owner, but Australia? S Botany Bay and a race 2. Place at the bridge to bridge. Has the Giro del Lario and? Diagonal fous? ? a race over 2500 km! Gregory is without doubt a name that is remembered.So at the age of 20, Stefano proud of his national team. E 'stato European champion Formula 2 with no fewer than 9 wins in a row across Europe. In the French Grand Prix, this promising young man not only won the F2 category, but before any skiers in F1. Remains one of the most popular of its travel along career.His first hit the world was under 21 years in Australia, managing a very good 2nd Place in the first race and overall 5th at the end of everything. Two championships later, finished a credible 3rd Place of Darwin in Australia. But it was in Vichy, France in 1993, that he is beyond a shadow of doubt that he was an incredible sci racer.A judges decision on the driver? S measures, however, a penalty that dropped him to 3rd Place. Stephen told me? The whole world has fallen on me? it is not right "but has struggled on.In August 1995 his persistence paid off however, and won the world title in Belgium. He says:? I felt free. I believe deserve it. Now I feel satisfied with my career?. But this excellent skiers worked hard for his place on the podium. Every day of his training consists of one hour cycling uphill, followed by a series of tracks and 10 minutes jogging. Later, he would ski for 15 minutes on a pair of skis, followed by 50 minutes at high speed on a rough races waterskiing, finishing with a quick run.On his 6-year-old DC-race Ski with CC bonds, has beaten the rest of the world, and finally said that he felt he deserved. When he retued to his house in the village of Lezzeno was a big party for him. The whole village was there. A parade of cars, flags were flown, and his name was displayed in the village walls. Stephen told me? I have been? more enthusiastic, while the world?. Here are his people, sharing in his triumph.He is now retired from the race itself. With his wife, Patrizia Sala, has now set up and plans to expand its ski school in April. He is the perfect place for his father? S Restaurant, which sits on the edge of Lake Como. He? Saturday footballer wants and will continue to play for his non-professional support team and AC Parma. But it also wants to be able to help young people in the ski race. He says? The sport deserves to be kept alive, because I have had many joys for him I will never forget?. When I asked what is his year as a ski racer, I replied? I liked the spirit of peace and joy of us pilots divided before and after the race. And, of course, the race itself, the emotions can not be described?. He believes that, as in any sport that could be improved. First, on security matters, including the judge, the choice of venues for competition and control of the boat. Stefano wants to involve young people in sport, and it sends a strong message to them? If you are not too fast for F1, F2, better wait for the time being. A decrease in the F1 break a career. To make a good team who are fully responsible for skiers?. Now Er 2 talent emerging from Europe and England? S Cramho James and the young Italian Fabio Scarpini. Looking to 1996, he believes, Carlo Cash and Darren Kirkland favourites.He Europe I went to say that there? S Kirkland, whom he admires most in the world of ski racing, and I quote? ? him? s so unfortunate, but it is never down. He? S grande!?. Many people know the crew and the team, supported Stephen. His experience Furlan driver was first class. E 'stato Ivan Pellolio, Roby Zucchi captain and his team and his brother Piero Gregorio.His woman that many other people who differ from him and the Italian Association, receive all of these titles deserve thanks holder.By Robbie Llewellyn (1996)   Thanks to Gianluca for the translation

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