Monday, December 7, 2009

The Shark Dive at Nassau, Bahamas

The Shark Dive at Nassau, Bahamas One of the most interesting dives for any certified Scuba Diver is the shark dive. In most dives in the Caribbean, see a shark is a rare occurrence and considered an advantage, no? Not tend to stay around long if they are spotted in every case. A quick glance and went the distance. For this reason, shark dives in the Bahamas have been developed. What? Sa way of daring divers the chance to see many sharks around. These sharks are available in draft Freeport and Nassau in the Bahamas. I had the opportunity to make one of these shark dives during a dive trip to Nassau in the 'island of Providencia. I went with the operator of Scuba Diving Scuba while Stuart Cove? S also offers shark diving. This is an immersion tank and when we came to the first wreck dive behalf Williams, had a few Caribbean reef sharks circle under the boat. The music of the film Jaws started playing in my head. The first dive is a reef with a small site with abundant remains of marine life including sharks were nearby. The diver is near, but not too close, like barracuda. Depth is 69 meters deep and the length is 36 minutes of immersion. The climb is interesting because the bus stop at 15 feet, sharks we were out of control. At one point, there was a shark between me and the boat. I wondered how I would go back to the sharks in the form, but finally moved off the road. After the first dive, we went to draft would be close to the place for feeding sharks. This dive site is appropriately called Shark Alley. We were told to use a little 'more weight than usual because it was spending most of our time, during our second dive at the bottom. So I added three pounds more weight to my belt. Once again, we could see sharks in the water during the surface, but this time, there were more of them. We were instructed to fall down as soon as possible and, once a fund of about 50 feet, curl is one of the dive sites on a single line of semi-circle of sand in an open environment. Once they were in training, another fell from the boat divemaster. This was the one that would make food and carrying a bucket of human trafficking for sharks. Almost immediately, more than 20 sharks came out of nowhere. My heart pounds began with enthusiasm at this time. The divemaster with the meal was the use of a chain of clothing and gloves knitted for her dress. He settled at the bottom about ten feet in front of us. For the next 30 minutes, he orchestrated feeding frenzy of sharks as an average of about 12 feet in length to him from all angles. He used a steel bar to feed the sharks. In fact sometimes tease sharks with rod feeding them first. It is on sharks as torpedoes. I was impressed with the speed and agility were. Meanwhile, the third divemaster video has been close to the scene. We were told to keep their arms crossed in front of us so as not to confuse any shark may be confused as our arts lunch. The shark is so close to us that at times beaten and made contact with some divers. A shark actually entered the area of power behind me and his belly brushing the top of my head. Now that is certainly an experience? Ll never forget! We were told that these sharks are only interested in food that the divemaster has over us. These sharks have been conditioned to the food twice a day during the week so that they were very used to the routine now. We are all expected to be true. Some sharks circle in front of a semi-circle and when the tail was in front of us, some of the divers that I could? Resist playing despite not supposed to. Besides the sharks, even these two parked right in front of our semi-circle and saw all the activities. No? Not appear to have no fear of sharks or diving at all, and at some point, one of these and you really only food from the divemaster? And before any auction of sharks did. When the divemaster was left without food in the tip bucket in hand and almost in code, all the sharks swam away. What? And he knew that he had completed as food, and therefore had no interest in hitting. When everyone left, there was still a little 'time left for research of any fund sand shark teeth before you go back to the boat. Of course, most of us do not buy the latest video of our shark dive when we received the draft to the store. I played this video for many of my friends do not dive saw with horror and disbelief. Impossible? I do not understand why nobody wants to jump into the water with sharks around. Of course, the divers have a better understanding of sharks, but the average person? S always fun to entertain my friends do not dive with this video. The shark dive is one of the most exciting and memorable dives a diver will ever do.

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