Friday, December 18, 2009

The number eight Race

The number eight Race In any normal world, the race for the No 8 seed in the conference would do well? It does not matter at all, except for the addition of a certain interest in the last third of the season. In the East, the No. 8 crew, probably not the Miami Heat in the first round, facing off against a pair of inside-out D-Wade and Shaq, who are ready for a great cup of gold in South Beach . He won? It is not enough. The image? Sa po 'differently in the West, although the battle of the No --- 8 slots is a great, and there? s close observers of the NBA. Obviously the second is based on the computer, or the Spurs or the Suns and will be difficult to throw away. --- But leave? S said Steve Nash? S injuries still nag at him. Both? S also take into account that slows playoff basketball and focuses on the half court. The Suns beat suddenly appear, right? The Spurs are somewhat 'more difficult to prosper in the middle --- the court, and that? retu to the definition of consistency. However, I feel? S say Lakers get the No. --- 8 seeds have a chance? ll investigate. Lago Vista has achieved over the last 4 --- 5 awarded the final, with a different chemical composition. But Kobe is still a rare player. Both? S say Minnesota received at least --- the line was the No. 1 seed last year and are without doubt the league? s most alter game player Kevin Gaett. And if the Nuggets --- a young, eccentric mix of quality players --- get the nod, they could fire enough to perform a full set, or San Antonio or Phoenix. Nos 8 seed in the West could, in theory, reduce the potential No. 1, we decided to investigate who? s more likely to emerge as No. 8 at the end of April. We have evaluated only the Lakers, T-Wolves, Nuggets, and because they allow? S --- to be honest as good as the Clippers have played this year 's, you honestly see anywhere near the NBA playoffs? We think so. Each team is given 3 (highest), 2 or 1 (low) in four different categories: personnel, coaching, rest hours, and intangibles. Science, right? Staff: The Lakers have Kobe, who is probably the best player in the game. Him? S fought without a presence in the middle (no offense Chris Mihm?) And there? s grave for his image after the rape and tumultuous process of dissolution of the Lakers championship run. In addition to Mr. Bryant, however, not Los Angeles? not have much. Caron Butler was a promising rookie, but Hasna? Not do much since then. Lamar Odom is the key --- this team is called to play at? s able to play, and Hasna? not do. Passes into the tank more than Vince Carter said it was in the tank in Canada, especially against the enemies of the higher level. The Timberwolves have an impressive team on paper. Gaett, reigning MVP, who can fly all that way. Sam Cassell is a point guard Showstopper, and Latrell Sprewell could still score in buckets. Wally world is evil, yes, but? S game. The problem is that the team has underachieved this year, creating a need for large sets of Trenton Hassell and others. Where? It is not necessary that team, especially when playing Sprewell for 14 million euros (even if Y appears below the poverty line). The Nuggets are good at everything. We? Still waiting for something to rip Camby, Nene and was wounded in the list from Valentino? D Day. Carmelo Anthony had sunk a little 'in his second year of campaigning, and not? not play much defense at all. Earl Boykins is a star here, adjust the pace of the team in scoring, and Andre Miller --- which should be with his team 19th --- NBA for now seems to have acquired the habit of a real master plan, the leader of this team very well on most nights. K-Mart has been activated by the recent hiring of George Karl. Points: 3 Nuggets, 2 T-Wolves, Lakers 1 Coaching: Who? Frank S Hamble? Him? S does not Rudy T. Him? Coach K not S Him? S is not Phil Jackson. In short, he? It probably is not good enough. Kevin McHale probably should? They have removed the cap in such a short time Flip Saunders. Saunders was a great coach and a playoff upset this year have again strengthened their team. Now, McHale? S is the bank itself. Both? Treating others as S 1980 --- Celtics coach ML Carr, Danny Ainge, Larry Bird. Moderate success, yes, but not training? There? And a reason why? Finally, all underachieved. Put underachiever with a group of underachievers probably ISN? t best combination? George Karl is a veteran expert trainer. You can say whatever he wants on his conspicuous lack of jewelry, but he? s won 60 games twice. The Nuggets have never won 60 games. The Nuggets were on fire, as was the work of Michael Cooper from Jeff Bzedlik recently won six in a row. ? Melo? S game is more diverse, more people are quality minutes, and the team seems to play with the confidence and guidance necessary in the past. Karl is right here, in addition, also the items that Anthony might be trying to ship off their fear of playing strong defense. Points: 3 Nuggets, 2 T-Wolves, Lakers 1 Remaining Program: The Lakers, who are 20-11 at Staples Center, the game just 10 of remaining 23 games at home. In addition, van on a road trip next week, including games at Dallas, Washington, Philadelphia, Miami and Indiana. Will end the season with cream puffs on Golden State and Portland, but playing three consecutive games before against Phoenix, Sacramento and Dallas. All games are at home, but it is still difficult to say. The Timberwolves, only 17-14 at home this year, only 9 to play their remaining games at the destination, and their last two games are home against Seattle (on pace for 59 wins) and San Antonio (the pace to win the West). They also have road games in Phoenix, San Antonio, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Dallas and sprinkled throughout the last month and a half. The Nuggets are 18-9 at the Pepsi Center this year, and 14 of them play in 23 races at home. In recent months, making travel to Minneapolis, but 2 games against the Hoets --- worst team of the championship and play --- Portland and Golden State, both in the Mile High City. The Grizzlies also remove the seeds twice in the last three weeks. While the playoffs Grizzo are subject to them, who? Sa favorable scratches from a squadron of Denver. Points: 3 Nuggets, Lakers 2, Timberwolves 1 Intangibles Kobe needs to get to the playoffs as a seed No 8, the score of 50 points every night, and out of the No. 1 team in the West. In some ways, it would help restore its credibility and knowledge that can eliminate? do it without Shaq. It could also help Hamble Frank not to become an assistant again next year. Timberwolves need to prove their campaign of 2003-2004 was not joking, and several years of contract players may benefit from additional playing time and most of the playoff stage. The Nuggets are young, and aren? Should not do very well to make the playoffs. They have a team and a coach, but also keep pace with Anthony LeBron (who s probably going to make the playoffs this year), the computer is no longer? They have a lot to prove now. Points: 3 Lakers, Timberwolves 2, Nuggets 1 Final score: Nuggets 10, Timberwolves 7 Karl Lakers 7? S cluster is striped or directly in a time --- the first round with the best of the West.

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