Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The rise and fall of the powerful Wizard of Oz

The rise and fall of the powerful Wizard of Oz After a decade of dominance, the Australian team seems to be in decline. The mighty "Invincible" is now suddenly very human and vulnerable. The aggressive and Care-a-damn attitude towards a modest approach. Well, it had happen.The average Australian cricketers, which was used to see an aggressive go-getter, who used to take his position on the language and was proud to wear baggy green cap. He believed that to overcome the opposition and the blow away. This was the quality that was really good, and inculcated by the commander of the Australian team, Mark Talyor, Steve "Conqueror" Waugh and Ricky Ponting. The Australian style of a dominant position in Australia tour of West Indies flag from the trip to Australia is the most feared outfit in world cricket. With world-class players like Shane Wae, Glenn McGrath and the Waugh brothers, which was followed wins, wins and wins. The last 10 years, shows some pretty ruthless cricket, pulling incredible victory and win the 1999 and 2003 World Cup in spectacular fashion.England however, seem to be the flavor of the season. Having humbled the world champions more than one occasion, the England team seems to have done enough to move from Australia, as the number one team in cricket. England players face?-Vis Aussies are young, in fine nick and naturally talented. In contrast, Australia has arrived in England with many key players in the form, the collection and injuries later. Australians seem to be the shadow of its former self with the biting Batting, Bowling and Fielding careful pedestrians. One of the most captivating moments were the penultimate day of the third Test, when Australia, in the words of Steve Waugh does not believe in a balance, batted with teeth and claws, a day. Regardless of the outcome of the series, one thing is clear that Australia is no longer the supreme power in cricket.What It remains to be seen whether the aging of Australians by their sudden collapse, and if the feared retu to the side when they were ruthless. In addition to these articles and discussions, visit Cricket Talk

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