Saturday, December 19, 2009

Magnífico penetration owl

Magnífico penetration owl The more I see the birds, the most surprising. In particular, I believe that the variety of birds to be amazing. Everyone knows that penguins can swim and know that they can? N. flight. And we all know that ducks can do both. These facts can be understood if you see birds or not. But watching the birds shows us many interesting things about birds aren? It is not so obvious. For example, one of my favorites is the Athene cunicularia bird - the owl penetration, and here are some reasons why.The penetration owl, also known as the owl of land is not like other owls. Do not live in trees, living in the field by taking control of houses abandoned by other animals. Even if you do not? Not likely to create the hole, the owl is perfectly capable of making major improvements at home, if necessary. You can dig very effectively with their legs long and powerful legs. It can also be found buried alive or vehicles within a drainage pipe. The penetration is very owl opportunistic.Like other owls, is a formidable hunter. However, unlike other owls, much of their hunting takes place during the day, instead of at night. During the day the game is made from grass on the ground or reduction of insects and lizards. Most of his flying game takes place during the night. Moreover, unlike most owls, the owl penetration is subject to many terrestrial predators. Snakes, coyotes, foxes, dogs and cats, is also known for hunting Owl.In excavation of the south-west of the United States, the penetration owl is often seen near the top positions with agricultural fields. I saw the owl in the same fence post dozens of times. They are creatures of habit and rarely move far from their underground nest.I are excited every time I see the great owl penetration. As more and spend more time watching the birds, which also develop their own choice. For a great fun for the whole family, go birdwatching! Grab your binoculars and your field guide and get outdoors! Chuck Fitzgerald, Guy Outside, has written a beginner? S guide to bird watching call? Leaing to Bird. Visit just to see how easy and fun is really the bird watching. Chuck is the owner of Arizona based Backcountry Toys, an online store that helps you to have fun outdoors. For maximum enjoyment of outdoor life, visit and find great gear tips and experiences in e-newsletter, "Fresh. (800) 316-9055.

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