Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Travel Summer Parks in California, Nevada, western United States

Travel Summer Parks in Califoia, Nevada, weste United States There are many parks in the west, the beautiful, but less crowded than others. Are you planning a trip to these beautiful places. In Utah, there are more than 37,000 acres of the Grand Gulch Primitive Area. Traveling to this part of Utah, which is 350 miles southeast of Salt Lake City. Plan to walk through a magnificent series of gorges, which is one of the most beautiful of the United States to find archaeological treasures. The hotel is located in the easte part of Nevada is the Parco Nazionale del Gran Basin are here If you can, the 12-miles Wheeler Peak Scenic Drive, the functions of Nevada? S Glacier. The great basin east of the Nevada National Park, just west of the Utah border. If you travel to Washington State plan for a trip through the North Cascades National Park. You can view amazing 318 glaciers and ancient forests of fir and cedar. The park is north of Washington, 120 miles from Seattle. The San Pedro River extends for 40 miles, 65 miles southeast of Tucson. Travel through the San Pedro riparian States National Conservation Area and is looking forward to 80 percent of Arizona? S populations of birds. You can also take the train to San Pedro & Southweste Railroad. These four hours by train is a good way to see the area. In Califoia, there are many places for the trip. Redwood National Park actually consists of three Califoia State Parks. Half of the rest of the world, the mammoth old trees growing there. The hotel is located 300 miles north of San Francisco, U.S. 101 runs through the park when you are on scenic State 89, you can leave Volcanic National Park. It 'a beautiful place with thermal steam, meadows with wildflowers and majestic peaks. Keep your eyes open as you travel to reflect on the lake and Loomis Museum. Many people have not yet discovered some of the most beautiful parks in the United States has to offer. If you travel and enjoy a little 'in the way of tourist-populated spot, try one of the suggestions above. About the Author Jeff Anderson knows his parks. He knows what you are looking for and what pitfalls to avoid. That guide you in finding information about travel in the parks. contact him or visit his blog site

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