Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tips for the perfect Chess

Tips for the perfect Chess There are so many games on the market today can be very confusing when you try to buy one. Chess is used for play or as a decoration in your living room or den. Chess is used as centers for the same libraries and studies. Some Chess is still considered as past and are valued for their quality of collection. 1. Determine the reasons Want to play with him, or is used only for decorative purposes? If we play with the research into practice. It should also fit your taste in style. 2nd Price is advised to purchase the best quality, as the failures of its budget. A good number of bankruptcies may last a lifetime and can become an asset. You will certainly be admired by your friends when you take a good number of bankruptcies. Of course, a fine craft chess can improve all chess players? Thursday 3 experience. Touament guidelines unless you use the failures of the official touament, you can do, given the size of chess pieces on the board of directors. However, the general principle is that the king? S core should be 78% of the width of a square. To do this, divide the diameter of the base of the King by 0.78 and you get the right size box. You can increase the size of the square of 1 / 8, but the square size should be smaller. This information is useful if you buy separate parts of the board of directors. 4th Durability Choose a number of shortcomings very durable if you plan to use your failures and take every day in touaments and clubs. A weighted plastic chess would be a good choice. If you need one of the main failures that can be transported anywhere, it is advisable that you get a trip failures that are small and compact. This type of chess or magnet is usually associated with protection against bumps and jolts. Commissions can be folded and parts and pieces can be inside. Travel Chess ara available for about $ 20 basic, it may also be due to $ 10 or less. You can find miniature ones sold in most shops dollars. 6. Special considerations for wood games If you buy a chess set is made of wood, and then select the good quality of wood. Wood is certainly a good material for a game of chess. They are very impressive to watch and the songs are very strong. The only disadvantage is that it can be very heavy and are therefore not ideal for travel. Wooden chess will certainly be a great addition to your home or office. Wood and fixed the price can range from $ 50 to as high as $ 5000. In general, the Ebony is more expensive than rosewood, which in tu is more expensive than boxwood, and exotic woods are more expensive. There are less expensive than the games are made of oak, pine or walnut. Buying in a set of wooden chess that the budget be your guide. 7th Check the uniformity When purchasing a chess game to control the parties, especially the riders who can represent up to 50% of the total cost of all parts of chess. The quality of filming, the finish and the uniformity also add the cost of everything. You should also monitor the manufacture of the crown of the king, which is usually decorative. Please note that the King and Knight are two of the most important pieces of a chess game. 8th Decorative chess games, which are made of glass or porcelain are generally described as glass. These series are commonly used for decorative purposes, but you can also find glass that are in circulation. Crystal pieces are usually heavy parts while China will feel a little 'less of light have weighted bases. These types of chess are certainly nice, but they are very fragile and will break once they are abandoned. They are also easily dirtied by dust and fingerprints. Although beautiful to look at, the parties break if dropped and fingerprints can become a problem on some models. They too are dust. Many people keep a drink together and the door of another type of game reality. Glass chess average of $ 300 to $ 2000 range.

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