Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Great White North Dream Team

The Great White North Dream Team Team Germany will once again its gold medal in Turin in the upcoming Olympics. The victory in 2002 in Salt Lake City USA, was the first in 50 years for the country, this great game of life. Canada and the Czech Republic and Russia at the beginning of choice, but also to the Olympic Games in a situation of playing a lot of teams have a chance to surprise someone. (Belarus' stunning victory over Sweden in the 2002 Olympic quarters) Canada is the team to beat - and Brodeur is the main reason. Brodu Martin has a long list of results and a solid goal. In addition to the Olympic victory of 2002, has also led Canada to the World Cup title a year ago, is a three-time Stanley Cup winner and the winner of the Trofeo Vezin the last two seasons as the best Goalie in the NHL. Canada also has Dany Heatley (Ottawa) and Joe Thoton (San Jose), the top 5 goal perenial leader in NHL this year. The Team Canada team and the Great White North version of the "Dream Team" Goaltenders 30 Martin Brodeur, New Jersey Devils 1 Roberto Luongo, Florida Panthers 35 Marty Turkish, Dallas 4 Star Defender Rob Blake, 52 Colorado Avalanche Adam Foote, Columbus Blue Jackets 55 Ed Jovanovski, Vancouver Canucks 24 * Bryan McCabe, Toronto Maple Leafs 27 Scott Niedermayer, Mighty Ducks 44 Chris Prong, Edmonton Oilers 6 Wade blush, Ottawa Senators 28 Robyn Regehr, Calgary Flames forward Todd Bertuzzi 14, Vancouver Canucks 9 Shane Doan, Phoenix 33 coyotes Kris Draper, Detroit Red Wings 21 Simon Gagné?, Philadelphia Flyers 15 Dany Heatley Ottawa Senators 12 Jaromer Iginla, Calgary Flames 40 Vincent Lecavalier, Tampa Bay Lightning 61 Rick Nash, Columbus Blue Jackets 39 Brad Richards, Tampa Bay Lightning 91 Joe Sakic , 94 Colorado Avalanche Ryan Smyth, Edmonton Oilers 10 * Jason Spezza, Ottawa Senators 22 * Eric Staal, Carolina Hurricanes 26 Martin St-Louis, Tampa Bay Lightning 97 Joe Thoton, San Jose Sharks * Alteative player for Team Canada, serves as Pat Quinn is such a sought position, and now the talent pool is so deep that it is interesting to note that Eric is a deadlock alteet. The team is led by Wayne Gretzky as a director and as president Bob Nicholson. Joe Sakic will be Canada's Men's hockey team captain. Sakic is the team captain with the Colorado Avalanche from the NHL in 1992 and was an alteate captain for Canada in 2002 Winter Olympic Games in 2004 and the World Cup of Hockey, in particular, is the absence of Mario Lemieux, hockey for the health and age issues. In the history of the Olympic Winter Games, Team Canada has accumulated a total of 13 medals, seven gold medals in 1920, 1924, 1928, 1932, 1948, 1952, 2002, four silver medals in 1936, 1960, 1992, 1994 and two bronze medals in 1956, 1968. Professional hockey players have been allowed only in the Winter Olympic Games since 1998. Current rates to win Men's Hockey Gold Medal for Bodog Canada 6 / 5 Czech Republic 5 / 2 Sweden 4 / 1 Russia 5 / 1 USA 5 / 1 Slovakia 10 / 1 Finland 12 / 1 Switzerland 70 / 1 Germany 200 / 1 Latvia 200 / 1 Italy 400 / 1 Kazakhstan 450 / 1 If you are not a lot of money betting on the Canadian team, is in my opions you safe bet on the board! Us after the 2006 Winter Olympics, and will be posting plays on men and women Olympic Hockey!

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