Saturday, January 9, 2010

Tiger Woods is not always the best

Tiger Woods is not always the best Tiger is great, but still a long way to claim the title? The largest I have ever played The Game?. Although I believe that time is on his way to tell that illustrious title, God willing. But until then, Slammin? Sammy Snead is my selection. What? S law, not even Nicklaus. If we look at the difference between winning 11 Jack? S total of 70 victories and Sam? 81 s, and then the picture Sam? s victory total of 165 credits, no one even comes close. Sorry Jack. Now, in the form of courses today, equipment and level of competition and there is no doubt in my mind that Sammy is the man. Keep in mind, Sam played against Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson - all bo the same year - that the era of the Big Three. Hogan cumulative total of 63 victories and 52 Nelson won, putting the two in the top 5 on the list of winners of all time. Does anyone really what Tiger? S better competition today is to finish in this illustrious group? I think not. Statistically speaking, there is a large gap between the top of the list of winners of all time that even the great Walter Hagen bridges. Hagen, in 7th place with 40 victories, eleven short is the 6th position, Billy Casper. Eleven wins is a career, a great player on tour today. Once again, ask to see the difference between the number 2 on the list, number 1, and Jack Nicklaus, Sam Snead, eleven victories. Even if they are the most passionate? Tigeite? Nicklaus or Nut, you have to admit, the real golf course of all time included only an elite few, to be exact 6: Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, Ben Hogan, Aold Palmer, Byron Nelson and Billy Casper. Billy Casper and my vote is for the player with the greatest appreciation for the least, for now. Now? I'm going to really tick him off Tigeites. He said that my money does not arrive. (But I'm not betting Big Money) Why? I think it runs out of desire. The bigger, the more you get the highest plus the pressure to build. If you showed any weakness at all, is his temperament is that occasionally the best of him. As pressures mount, and the glare of media today is, I believe that pressure, sooner or later wears. No, I? Not predict what will happen? postcards? and mix in a room with a lake owner, but I think that? the fire in the belly? will be difficult. And if I am not mistaken, it's a travesty to lose, not the greatest ever played, but one of the largest, which could be reversed? la? Greatest player of all time, Sam Snead! Only time will tell! Books on Tiger Woods and other great golf courses!

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