Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ten things I like to see what baseball

Ten things I like to see what baseball Ten things I like to see baseball do? 1 Insert the Hitter in the National League or removing the DH in American League. Let's do some 'consistency. . 2 Re: Rules rules or reasons or basis rule - RoundIf no reason, in the opinion of the referee. I know, I know that some of you do not like the reviews, in particular arbitrator. But the referee is of the opinion that Derek Jeter should result in a ball hit by Alex Rodriguez. May, Derek Jeter pitch. Whatever. The arbitrator is of the opinion that Derek should be when the ball came into the stands or a fan touched the ball. Let the man score already. Do not send him back to third. . 3 food and beverage ball park costs less than a mortgage payment. I propose a special night where you can eat in? the normal price for a hot dog. ? 4 Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Derek Jeter, Tony Lazzeri, Graig nettles and Bill Dickey play as a team. Today. What happens if I have a little 'crazy. ? 5 The plastic conferences in Metrodome is to apart and replaced with Saran Wrap. For no good reason, fail to see how they look like. ? 6 All stadiums with domes. In this case, are in a game and starts to rain or the weather too cold. Hey roof. ? 7 Mel Allen announcing games again. 8 persons, at once loved baseball. Now that the strike, or steroids or corked bats or exorbitant salaries, or question what they had with the game of baseball. They rekindle their love for playing baseball and having fun. ? 9 My daughter (who plays softball), 600 years now bats. ? 10 Your team wins.

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