Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Japanese are

The Japanese are When Bass Fishing Touament 30 years ago would have thought that you see someone doing well in Japan? Sees advantages in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Italy, Canada, Mexico and Japan. I mean we knew that fish for bass? Well now you can see some of the best fishermen in Japan and are doing great! A couple of names that comes to mind as: Takahiro Omori Moriz Shimizu.Why and those two are doing so well lately, and what is their secret? Well, for most fish in lakes of high pressure and secondly, knowing what the fish are on strike and are more comfortable when fishing on lakes that are less pressure here and in the United States, the United States. Just look Omori, this is 34 years 5 1st place finishes and 4 second places. 22 has ten finishes, 34 Top 20 finishes and 56 top 50 finishes. This is a good book to anyone. He captured more than 2.943 pounds of pounds of fish in just 146 innings. His career wins $ 800,000.00 and that my friend, is more than $ 5,400.00 for each touament that was recently was named Citgo Rape of the Year. " Then there Moriz Shimizu, who has caught 30 pounds on his last day on Lake Guntersville. You Moriz Suita Osaka, Japan, and 34 years is too much. We will see much more of this man, I'm sure. Moriz came second in the lake Gunterville for 1 pound of fish.Charles E. White has fished for almost 50 years for bass from Califoia to Florida. In his life, he believes that has caught over 6,000 bass. Bass is more than 12 lbs 14 oz hanging on his wall in his office.Charles helped fishermen in the many new start their career. While he loves to fish for pleasure has fished with the pros in Florida.His website fishing for bass is at:

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