Saturday, January 30, 2010

Top 5 NFL Quarter Backs

Top 5 NFL Quarter Backs 1. Goal NFL - Peyton Manning, Colts This is not necessary. If this review is based solely on athletic ability, Manning wouldn? T is the number one. But we are talking about all the quarterback, and there is no one that, in comparison to Manning. He is the most intelligent quarterback, one of the most accurate quarterback, and easily one of the best quarterback to come for a while 'time. Looking for Peyton TD against his own record again this year. 2nd Goal NFL - Tom Brady, Patriots Even the athletic quarterback in the league, but one of the most intelligent. This man knows how to win. He has three Super Bowl rings to prove. Maybe not always the big numbers, like any other, as quarterback Manning or Favre, but it's hard to go against a man who knows how to win. If you have a quarterback that? Saturday proved successful, the confidence of the whole team goes. Brady, as crew, to his team that much better. 3rd NFL Goal - Daunte Culpepper, Vikings The new age quarterback of the NFL: Beat the arm and legs. He had a great year last year and only better this year. A very accurate quarterback, people vulnerable to certain errors, but with all the great games that makes it a great way. Even with the loss of Moss, Culpepper? The numbers last year. Look for Culpepper to have another great year and help the Vikings be candidates. 4th Goal NFL - Donovan McNabb, Eagles Finally, McNabb has the monkey on its back and has his team in the NFC championship to the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, the Eagles were to beat Brady and the patriots. Now, McNabb knows to win and for him to get better. With the addition of Owens last year, McNabb was able to open the armory and throw deep. McNabb is another of this new time quarterback that can beat many different ways. The Eagles will say it again this year and look for McNabb to an excellent year. 5th Goal NFL - Brett Favre, Packers Only one of the best quarterback is always the game. This man has a cannon for an arm and some hard passes look easy. Of course this is a risk of interest and made some mistakes, but you can always count on him to manage. He is one of the most consistent quarterback in the league and is now difficult for him from the list. If you wish for another solid year for Favre. The rest: Michael Vick, Falcons The execution of a retu to quarterback. Another year and play? Ll a Top-3-QB. Byron Leftwich, Jaguars Still leaing the ropes an NFL quarterback, but one of the greatest quarterback in the league. Matt Hasselbeck, Seahawks   Ask for her trust, which had for 2 years. If it does, we argue that the Seahawks Drew Brees, Chargers     It must demonstrate that it was not last year? T coincidence. If it does, the battery charger for a real againLeo Mendelsohn Richard Peraldo Thehooks   Guaranteed NFL and College Football Picks with best price guarantee combination in the industry. Free Soccer takes place every week from Thehooks Book newsletter, which is free. Thehooks is your one-stop source for college football and NFL information.

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