Sunday, March 14, 2010

Vince Young

Vince Young Bo May 18 1983 in Houston, Texas quarterback Vince Young started his career at Madison High School. It is here where he participated in the school football program and quickly began his road to sports celebrities. Among the awards he has received the National player of the year, on behalf of both students and Sport PARADE, 2001 Texas offensive Player of the Year, Sporting News senior high school prospect and was the proud recipient of the Pete Dawkins Trophy . In addition to the couple's love of football, has also managed to Varsity letter in both basketball and track and field during his high school years. While his athleticism was evident in any sport you choose, football remains a constant in his life and one that will carry it through and beyond college. After high school, Vince Young has been accepted to the University of Texas, where he joined immediately and have the football team. In 2004, during his second year, Vince Young led the A and have a season record of 11-1 and the first University to participate and win in the Rose Bowl. In 2005, he was one of three finalists for the Heisman trophy, but finished second to Reggie Bush. That same year, Vince Young has been recognized, once again, he was named the best college football player of 2005 by College Football News. In January 2006, Vince Young has announced plans to enter the NFL Draft. After the decision to reject his final year of NCAA eligibility, the youth have begun to prepare for the next project for the National Football League. Experts predict that will be chosen early in the first round. Although we have decided to forgo his final season of college football, the rewards continue to roll in. In 2006, Young was presented with the award and distribution of Rose Bowl MVP for the 2005 season. His love for the game is evident in their actions and their talents in this field. No matter the path that leads East Texas native, who never forget their hometown of Houston. How could it? In his honor, January 10 Houston stated as "Day of Vince Young. "It seems that his hometown will never forget him, o. If history is not repeated, and both college and NFL fans are sure to see more of Vince Young and his award-winning athletics in the coming years.

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