Monday, March 22, 2010

The Sidney Crosby Show map

The Sidney Crosby Show map With the new brand of hockey product continuously, every day you see something spectacular and ridiculous. What is it this time? And 'the Kid Crosby. Go and look on eBay you can find auctions for € 10,000.00 for a single piece of cardboard. What would someone spend that much on a hockey card? Why it's worth so much? I can not see my portfolio in a very open, even if it is a 1 / 1 printing, and Crosby, you have to cross a border somewhere. (If you do not have an endless supply of disposable income!) Recently, collecting hockey cards empire experienced just that people are struggling with the limits. What makes this card special Crosby makes the man is ridiculous / stupid. You do not buy boxes of hockey cards for the collection, are not exactly a hobby, do it for Sid the Kid. The hope of finding gold in the lottery. Well, I say "most" people, we are not all crazy, as some, so do not say that is a generalization. That this paper, the hobby has positive and negative effects on the world of card collecting. Upperdeck see and support the people affiliated in full force. This is great for a hobby! The more people buy, the more likely we are to see new and exciting products! The bad part? If people open the boxes, the cards are often found at local forum posting claims had "pulled the table" because they are not Crosby (or Alex Ovechkin) Money Maker. To my eyes I see people without the real joy of breaking wax. They do not have time to see how the card is as it appears to the player. If you are not fully enjoy their product just launched by. Mind you, my opening packs of cards, but I hope for a Crosby card. But for me, is not the end all all all my hobbies - bonus.So only one way can get much worse? The storm to calm down, or will only develop into something crazy and uncontrollable rages? If the map on this company and say: "Hey, look at all these people money for a card Crosby! Maybe we should run this SSP Crosby cards, so that we still have more money in !!?'. Not only be disastrous? Instead, find # / or # 499 / 1499 rookie Crosby sweaters, pullovers and the car in a field of SPX, see # / 10 Auto-shirt, and # / 25 regular mesh. The hunting of these cards would be ridiculous. I hope that do not meet them, but I can not help but think how people react, and how well the market is sustained demand for these cards.Take a minute and enjoy your paper. Just becuse you do not have the big money Crosby paper does not mean you have to be sad and off. Not with the hobby, a little 'like a lottery, because it is not! The leader NHL Fan Forum is Visit the official unofficial Flames Forum Calgary Flames Forum. Game Day talk, rumors, talk NHL, players' images, and game analysis. Do not miss the cup run action!

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