Thursday, March 11, 2010

The last game of Mark Martin and Rusty Wallace

The last game of Mark Martin and Rusty Wallace NASCAR veteran Mark Martin and Rusty Wallace are approaching the last days of stock car racing career. They had both already announced that 2005 would be their last year of competition looking for the latest drivers crown of NASCAR champion. Is planning to bow of grace, without a fight against the Young Guns of sport? It seems certain that it is not. Mark Martin was runner-up for the championship of Formula 1990, 1994, 1998 and 2002. He has 35 Nextel Cup victories during his racing days. Marco was also among the top 10 for 13 straight seasons. It seems that the elusive NASCAR championship title would be his alone, for reasons of justice. Can his reputation as a driver with an honest and free of past reward him with a glorious end? How about Rusty Wallace? He is not a stranger to victory after 55 Nextel Cup wins under his belt, and a Formula 1989 championship. Rusty stated that he completely "go to my game" before the conclusion of his great career. Its final leader is something to solidify his race - a story in classic style and competitive. Not only would a dose of pure decency that one of these legends, to which you in'05? Best of luck to both and can understand that they have already obtained the victory in the hearts of their true fans.

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