Monday, March 1, 2010

Universal kitesurfing hand signals

Universal kitesurfing hand signals Even if the kite is a dangerous sport, is popular throughout the world. People from different countries around the world to different kitesurfing locations. This is why universal kitesurfing hand signals are very important. Universal kitesurfing hand signals will help in communicating with other kite, even if they speak different languages. You will need to know in particular universal kitesurfing hand signals for safety reasons: the people around you who are in trouble and that you need help. There are several universal kitesurfing hand signals, and we talk about some of the most important. If you need help, for example, the correct one of the universal kitesurfing hand signals is to both arms wave in the air. Even if you need help, and there is water or if you have a whistle to signal or kitesurf boats on their way to you. Another universal kitesurfing hand signals is required if you want help with the landing. You must touch the hand on the helmet plate. People on land must wave both hands to indicate that they help. There are two universal kitesurfing hand signals to tell people something. If you want other people to you, you must specify the number two fingers of your hands to your eyes. If you want other people in some direction, you must specify the number of a straight-arm in this direction. Yes and no signals are very simple. To say? Yes, you have to nod your head up and down. To say? No? You need to make your head left and right. When you start, you must show your thumb (or nod) to the people around you and say aloud: "Go." Another important step kitesurf universal signals, you are ready to introduce the signal. You need to get his arm above his head. The arm is not linear, but should also be slightly above the head or helmet. About the author Jakob Jelling is the founder of the visit of his kites for kite surfing the latest on equipment, Kiteboarding lessons, places to surf and much more!

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