Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Valentino Rossi at Ferrari At Last

Valentino Rossi at Ferrari At Last Valentino Rossi the 7 times world champion on a motorbike has completed its first public exhibition in an F1 car in Valencia, Spain. Signed by Ferrari, which looks to him as a possible replacement for Schumacher to retirement. If the first show has been going on for some people try to prove any doubters wrong. Handed round very similar to that of Schumacher had been on previous occasions, in the same car in Valencia last year. The test was carried out in Ferrari F2004 car with a restricted V10 engine, but when you compensate for this, the times are very similar to the great Michael Schumacher. It would be very surprising for someone who dominates motorcycling, and then go to an F1 car, and then dominate the sport and, in particular with such high standards now. The biggest name in F1 Ferrari needs to inject some optimism after Ferrari, by the standards of a poor 2005 season. Then, with Michael Schumacher now the oldest driver on the grid with possibly only one season before he retires to the left, it's a relief that a new Italian hero can be shown, although in this case, is a hero. The other drivers were all duly impressed, though it may be possible to comment on a bike and do the same thing in reverse. The truth come, however, for the races. An F1 car is not how to handle a bike and one thing to go fast with no other cars on the road and from the network with 21 other cars all around you, fighting for the position. Staff should be more under the pressure that some of the drivers. If this error could range from zero to hero, it might be a second disappointment in their level. I know without doubt that the Italians were waiting for the world. But can the image of what they want to live in Italy, where the famous Italian won the championship in a Ferrari car? I believe that the celebrations in France. It 'a shame that we all have to wait until 2007 championship in which all will be revealed!

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