Monday, April 19, 2010

Top 10 reasons to go to a casino

Top 10 reasons to go to a casino During a few weeks ago, I did a poll asking visitors to the gambling casinos a simple question. The question was: "Why did you visit this casino today?" In addition to receiving a strange look from time to time, I managed to get a number of different reasons why people visit casinos. Reason 1: To play. Not surprisingly, this was the main reason that you can probably guess, looking around and gaming tables, the slot machine. Reason 2: To eat and drink. While some singles and couples who visit the casino to enjoy a few drinks at the bar, others were more interested in lunch in the restaurant in the casino. Reason 3: Entertainment. This is another very common reason for visiting a casino. Where to see a comedy, magic, song and dance, animation is an important factor when it comes to drawing visitors to the casino. Reason 4: To socialize. Recovery and socializing with friends is another very common reason for visiting a casino. Reason 5: Jobs. This is not a reason to wait too often in people's minds, but it is also true. Many people go into a casino, because they work, both as a distributor or a chorus girl waitress. Reason 6: Boredom. Many people have decided to venture to the casino because it was boring and I did not know where to go or what else to do on a Friday or Saturday night. Reason 7: Someone has brought me here. Someone has decided to visit the casino 'and make your partner, relative, friend or colleague along. 8 Reason: To lea how to play. Some people attended the casino 'to see and lea how to play some casino games. Reason 9: Romance. Whether the couple who have decided to respond to the casino on a date or a single man or woman who is waiting to meet interesting people, it seems, the casinos are places of great interest to meet new people. Reason 10: There are 10 solid ground, but a collection of funny, strange and bizarre answers such as "I had to use the bathroom" and "Somebody owes me money." As you can see, people not only visit the casinos to play, but an interesting set of reasons.

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