Tuesday, April 20, 2010


THE SKY MARTIAL ARTS For those who do not have a decent dictionary, I would like to exploit the derivation of the word "war", which is an adjective form derived from the name of the Roman god of war, Mars. As a form of sport or exercise, you need to train war. Be considered astrologically by the planet Mars, is a term applied to "poisonous animals, plants or violent property '! The authority recently 170 different forms of martial arts, ranging from zendo Aikido, retention of new were invented almost every week from some so-called master who had found a lost in a dark back, or has devised an ingenious use of a day that is not part of the body. The arts covered each letter of the alphabet, in addition to E, Q, V and X. Consequently, I tried to make this comprehensive lexicon of martial arts. After many years of assiduous research companies in the fastnesses of the snow mountains of Japan, the tropical forest of Boeo, and the lower regions of Nana Plaza, Bangkok, I discovered the lack of arts, I am pleased to submit to the search for new for martial arts for your délectation enthusiasts. They are as follows: 1. Ebrangling: exclusive, especially in the form of entertainment edentulous geriatric effatuate to their opponents. In short, the teeth, their former dismantle Zimmer frames, shuffle, just discussed, and finally tighten their partners in a bear hug, shake violently to make stupid, dull or stupid. 2nd Quitching: the protagonists try to outwit their opponents, using techniques such as devilishly feinting by sudden involuntary movements, a little 'in the style of Bruce Lee, without the accompanying cries of the solar plexus. As quoted by Montaigne, "I saw men .. do not shout or Twitch quitch a good swing to fly. "3. Quelming: an old, very difficult form of entertainment "chyldren and foycatours" to torment, kill or destroy. Unfortunately, the techniques have been criticized as too violent for the public. 4th Vezon: Especially enigmatic form defined by ØD as - "meaning dark" - quoted by Ward as "Look, look, Joan, as Vezon fight. Who could believe that they are so full of Spite? "5. Xenelasy: an effective method for Spartan when we used it again for the British to educate you in the conventions of correct spelling and pronunciation. Meaning of "hunting", which uses a variety of shapes and freedom - is the best martial art to be used for the expulsion of aliens. Also, do not worry about trying to find these names in martial arts condensates, such as dictionaries and Wagnalls and Frank Webster's, are taken from the Bible, the English, the Oxford English Dictionary. Similarly, the Inteet offers no illumination of the modus operandi, or access to these forms Dojos where I used both, and maintain the secrecy of the technology interests of peace in the world. SEO Solutions and one way link publicity services provided by LinkAcquire. David C skul - CEO LinkAcquire.com and Relativity, Inc. can provide global market and the solutions

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