Saturday, April 17, 2010

The search for the next British tennis champion at Wimbledon

The search for the next British tennis champion at Wimbledon The Wimbledon Tennis Touament Youth Championships are almost upon us and many people in the British Isles are wondering when and where the next home grown player to win the touament. In this article I would like to review some of our hopes for the current year and for the future is the first season, in the last ten, if I have the feeling that there is virtually no chance of a British citizen bo player to win Wimbledon this' year. Over the past ten years I really thought that Tim Henman went out to the man to finally honor our nation proud. For whatever reason, has always seemed a little 'to fall short, though in truth we should be very proud of what he has achieved in his tennis career.There have been at least a couple of times that he should perhaps have a to win the touament and may be one of his regrets when looking back on a long and distinguished career. Its chances at Wimbledon tennis champion, but now they are all disappeared.Tim now the shadow of its former self and I think it is the best hope for this year is a place in the quarterfinals. Of course there is a slight possibility that now that the pressure and expectations, his shoulders, so that flourishes on the pitch, I hope so.Greg Rusedski is also in my opinion, its past sell by date. He will also be good for the last stages, but never really looked like winning this touament, even if it is a game that is well suited to Wimbledon.The most interesting and exciting British Andrew Murray has hopes. Over the last eighteen months, Andy has worked on strength and last year had a brilliant touament for Wimbledon. To say that all this I do not believe that the skills needed to win the touament.Andrew can continue to improve and be crowned the champion of Wimbledon in the future. While a certain Roger Federer is about, it will be very difficult for a player of a country to win the touament.As for the future of British tennis, I have heard that Boris Becker has begun, some of our young prospects for young people and many other new ideas get started, put in practice.I the feeling that the problem is that few courts where people can just play. Of course, you can pay on-site tennis club, but those prices can be very expensive for a family of four people who wish to play on the spur of the moment. Most children who prefer a very local park around football. This is much easier and is free to course.If really want British champion at Wimbledon in the near future, we need much more food for the average man and his family. The tennis club can be free to coaching for the TEN framework to include in the game. These young people may be members, if they participated in youth and may be the future of individual club.Stephen Hill is promoting a number of websites including: stuttering therapy ringtone air cheap cleaning

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