Monday, April 5, 2010

The Ironman in Hawaii will

The Ironman in Hawaii will Its been a long time since I competed in Kona, but I do not believe the Ironman-Hawaii course has changed all that much. Swimming I am sure, is more or less the same as in the early 80's. His unforgettable. The hot water that can be adapted so they are not needed. Tropical fish well enough to marvel at the length of the course. The water so clear, the bottom is clearly visible. The best way to see the divers sitting on the ocean floor, waving to you. After the tu of the captain of the boat with the orange bean candles --- filled to overflowing with spectators. Best of all, it seems that the current drive to the coast as soon as you tu. The only downside to the whole experience of swimming is that Sunday will be visible to the naked eye, if the right to breathe on her way back. For this reason alone, I want to be sure of being able to breathe comfortably on both sides so you can have at least some relief from the sun, if necessary. Also, the tinted glasses are of great help. When you can give to the church tower through the brightness of the sun, which are almost at home and ended the first phase Iroman Hawaii. The bike leg for the most part remained intact as well. There is no escape from the endless miles of hot ashphalt famous King of K street. The heat even more oppressive when the reflected and absorbed by the lava rock that monopolizes the landscape. Ironman in the very hot days, heat waves are clearly visible, like a strain to see the way forward. In 1984 he was our companion, as the temperature broke through the 100 degree mark on the road. To this day Ironman Hawaii-1984 remains the warmest recorded Ironman Then there is the long climb to the rotation, which is much more than a hill. Scanning hot winds of the sea and can lead to land in a second if you can lose concentration. Finally, on the way home and wait expectantly for the tailwinds that are sure to come, but somehow never materialize. Its a great feeling of relief and achievement to reach the transition period only to retu a bike to the nature of the oven once more. The time course is quite flat and, fortunately, the increase could be the hill Kona biggest of all. I am not entirely positive, since some of the races has changed. However, once again, is not to avoid the sweltering heat that had many dreams Ironman, particularly for many professionals who are running in the full heat of the day. If there is any consolation to be a mere attempt at completing old Ironman Hawaii, but to run on the coolness that comes with the sunset. How to change and head home for the last time, is truly a visual feast and sticks-lite dot the landscape, like yellow diamonds in the flickering darkness of the night sudden Hawaii. The most welcome sight of a simpler age, you can see the glow of the lights as you board Kona closer to his dream of Ironman Hawaii. The city is full of spectators, surpassing the finishing stretch and the last stroke in the same area that has seen much tragedy in recent years. Dave Scott, and twins Tinley points. Mark Allen and Julie Moss. Erin Baker, Paula Newby-Fraser and who can forget Laurie Bowden and her husband Peter. Both the history and many big names. If only it were possible for everyone to compete in the Ironman this hallowed ground. And 'just for the movement and an experience that nobody can ever forget. If you are in fact "Ironstruck" that should be their mission by the grandfather of all Ironman events worldwide. Ironman Hawaii - much more than a career.

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